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Many loaches have a reputation for eradicating snails in freshwater aquariums. Assassin snail is a type of freshwater snail.

List Of Freshwater Fish That Eat Snails

It has an off white color.

Fish that eat snails. 9 easy to keep aquarium fish that eat pest snails 1 zebra loach. Stocking your tank with snail eating fish helps control their population without the addition of chemicals. Tetraodon nigroviridis is the most efficient fish to but this is a rather badly behaved fish it can attack other tank inhabitants and feed on prawns.

Yoyo loach also known as almora loach or pakistani loach is a freshwater fish belonging to the botia. 2 yoyo loach. The fish is large and easily eats ramshorn but it won t crack the hard shell of mts snail.

The fish you want to add to your tank to eat your snails depends on the size of the aquarium you have. Once introduced pest snails multiply rapidly and become difficult to eradicate. The clown loach is probably the.

Another great method of keeping snails under control in the home aquarium is to introduce snail eating fish many loaches will love to eat snails including the very popular clown loach although these would be best if you have a large aquarium as they do grow very big. Snail eating fish for an aquarium loaches. The cichlid family.

As its name implies it is an assassin for every other. If you have a smaller tank then zebra loaches will do the job and not get too big either. If you have a small tank i advise you to buy green spotted puffers dwarf chain loaches or zebra.

Cucumber is a great choice because the skins are too tough for most fish including goldfish to eat but the snails will feast on it like crazy. These fish are small but they are very efficient as they will crack through the shell of snails and eat them. These fish will eat the snails in your tank.

Both its shell and body are off white. Type of freshwater snails suitable for aquarium ivory snail. Making sure your snails have veggies to eat helps to prevent them from snacking on your live aquarium plants.

Zebra loach is a stripped bottom dwelling fish that is a good choice for beginners aquarium owners. Except this fish also a freshwater clown loach eats snails. Both freshwater and saltwater puffer fish have beaks designed to crush snail shells.

Uninvited pond snails often invade aquariums usually arriving as hitchhikers on live aquarium plants. Ivory snail is a freshwater snail. Clown loach yoyo loach gourami betta fish cory catfish bala shark goldfish green spotter puffer assassin snail.

Here are some snail eating fish to consider for your freshwater tank.