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The gold dust day gecko feeds on insects and nectar. It lives in northern madagascar and on the island of comoros.

Gold Dust Day Gecko 3 Photograph By Daniel Knighton

They hatch in a couple months if left alone where laid in the cage at temperatures between approximately 70 to 90 degrees fahrenheit which is best for adult gold dust day geckos too.

Gold dust day gecko. The female gecko is capable of laying a clutch of eggs every three to six weeks during the breeding season as long as dietary needs and environmental conditions are met. When you buy a day gecko from us you automatically receive our 100 live arrival guarantee. Gold dust day gecko phelsuma laticauda.

Other than the nominate species one more subspecies of this lizard has yet been recognized. It typically inhabits various kinds of trees and houses. The gold dust day gecko can be found in a variety of habitats but is absent from denser forest regions.

The females lay up to 5 pairs of eggs. The gold dust day gecko can be distinguished from orange spotted and giant day geckos by the intense yellow speckles on the neck and shoulders. These beauties have several shades of green red and blue.

Temperature changes affect the number of days it takes eggs to hatch. Higher temperatures develop eggs faster and lower temperatures slow egg development. One subspecies is recognized.

They are quarrelsome and do not tolerate other males and sometimes even females other than mating season. We have some magnificent gold dust day geckos for sale. Then place the small container into the incubator.

The young will hatch after 40 45 days at a temperature of 28 degrees celsius. The gold dust day gecko is a diurnal species of gecko. It is an egg laying species.

After a meal gold dust day geckos will often bask under a heat lamp for hours getting toasty warm to aid digestion. This includes the zoomed day gecko diet or the repashy meal replacement powder. Gold dust day gecko reproduction.

Laticauda lays eggs inside hollow logs usually two at a time. Gold dust day geckos are a species of dappled colored lizards that are diurnal in nature and hence the word day in their name. Either one of these powders can be combined with the zoomed canned fruit mixins providing a rich nutritious treat for your geckos.

Palms and banana trees are the preferred vegetation but they can also be found on traveller s palm smaller deciduous trees and often in gardens and on houses. It has also been introduced to hawaii and other pacific islands. It is much smaller than the giant day gecko and lacks the blue neck patch of the orange spotted day gecko.

Gold dust day gecko eggs incubated at 82 degrees and 60 percent humidity hatch within 40 to 45 days. In addition to insects gold dust day geckos readily consume most commercially made gecko diets. It is commonly known as the mascot of geico.