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Plankton is anything in the ocean that cannot swim against a current. Painted turtles also are known to feed on carrion or dead animals.

Aim How Is A Food Chain Different Than A Food Web Ppt Download

Here is an example of a food web that includes a sea turtle note this is not the same as a box turtles food web.

Turtle food web. The next level in the food web is made up of herbivores and omnivores. In the ocean the base of the food web is made up of sea grasses algae and tiny plants called phytoplankton. Thus a painted turtle fulfills various roles in the food web including predator herbivore and scavenger.

There is more than one correct answer for the fill in and arrows 1. A succession of organisms in an ecological community that. Complete the diagram by filling in the blank and drawing in the missing arrows.

Explain why kelp is important in this food web. Food web if a toxic chemical would invaded the biome it would have to start killing off lily pads and duckweed then everything in the food web wood die. Phytoplankton is plant plankton and zooplankton is animal plankton.

If the bog turtle was extinct the animals that mainly eat bog turtles would have less food to eat and might starve. Food web fact sheet ornate box turtles a food web is a system of interlocking and interdependent food chains. As they grow painted turtles shift their diets to include large amounts of vegetation in some cases becoming predominantly herbivores.

Sea turtle shark or other predator hunted by humans jellyfish kelp sea turtle food web diagram directions. Also the smaller organisms that the bog turtle eats could overpopulate because the turtle is gone and that would cause and imbalance in the food web. Food chain definition 1.

The alligator snapping turtle would die because there main source is lily pads.