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Feeding a pregnant hamster as soon as you notice your hamster is pregnant make sure you are offering a high quality hamster diet with lots of protein. If you touch them it alters their smell and can confuse the mother so she doesn t recognize the babies as her own.

8 Reasons Hamsters Eat Their Babies And How To Save Them

The reason i did this video in conjunction with the update video was because my own.

Hamster eating babies. Create a serene environment mother hamsters sometimes hide newborn babies in their cheek pouches as a way to keep them safe from perceived harm. Kitin brazal 9 200 views. Be sure to create a calm and quiet place for your hamster to nest and care for its young.

Check on the babies but don t touch them. Your mother hammie might be prompted to kill and eat her babies if she doesn t think she can care for them. Lactol is available in most pet stores.

A mother s relation to her children is dictated largely almost exclusively by scent. Try not to spend too much time around the cage for the first few days step 3. Use lactol an animal milk replacement to nurse the hamster pups with a dropper.

They will also begin to crawl and forage by the middle of the second week. Doing so however puts their lives in danger. Taking a peek at the babies is okay but you should leave them alone as much.

Never touch the pups for the first 2 weeks after they have been. A mama hamster s relationship with her young relies almost entirely on scent. This diet should be continued throughout the pregnancy and until the babies are weaned.

How to prevent hamsters from eating their babies step 1. Separate the male hamster as his company will increase the levels of stress the mother feels. Published on feb 25 2017 this is a video explaining some of the reasons why a hamster would eat her newborns.

If you touch the babies you leave your scent on them. Over the course of the first week hamster babies will gain weight begin growing fur and their ear canals will develop. How to prevent a hamster from eating its babies keep things calm and quiet.

Baby hamsters are hairless and blind and you may be tempted to reach in and pet or hold them. Also make sure you are feeding the hamsters ample food and water because if the mother believes that their supplies aren t enough to sustain the. Hamster giving birth journey winter white hamster giving birth duration.