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You do not need to lookout for modern smartwatches which may or may not have a camera but a spy watch to do your task. Bedwina spy glasses for kids in bulk pack of 3 spy sunglasses with rear view so you can see behind you for fun party favors spy gear detective gadgets stocking stuffer gifts for boys and girls 4 4 out of 5 stars 94.

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All you need to make this tool is.

Spy gadgets for kids. You ll also have to act like a crime scene investigator to observe scenes and compare evidence. Cell phone spy. A pen or pencil some thick paper or card a paper fastener scissors ruler.

The product is very suitable for kids who are aged 10 years or more. Item 1498 1a ja ru 5 95 5. Ja ru rearview spy glasses 1 unit spy gear with rearview mirror sunglasses spy gadgets for kids and adults reflective shades gear gadget party favors pack.

If adults have these awesome spy gear there are all kinds of gizmos and spy craft for kids too. The super sleuth kit comes with fingerprint supplies a magnifying glass spy glasses rear view secret markers and also a flashlight with batteries. You can shoot pictures audio or video with 2mp 30fps camera that records in 1280 960.

Binoculars monoculars and scopes. Binoculars monoculars and scopes. Spy gear for kids.

Expand your children s imagination with some cool science through this awesome gear for your young spies. Two toilet rolls a cork colored paper or paint to cover the rolls scrap pieces of cellophane yellow works well but feel free to choose any color tape some string cord or ribbon scissors glue rubber band. There is also a set of secret code provided in the sleuth kit.

Keyhole spy tool these days a glass fiber cable with a small camera at the tip is used to spy a room. Hotel and hospitality industry security. Is it worth to have spy apps to monitor kidslooks like an ordinary watch but this is something special.

There is a camera hole within its dial where the number 6 would be. Cell phone spy. The kit features fun activities like decoding messages testing fingerprints powders and liquids and investigating crime scenes.

Hotel and hospitality industry security. This spy kit for kids has the spies following clues and gathering evidence in order to solve the mysteries.