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And then they started to fight. The large brown kangaroo was from the plains and the smaller grey kangaroo was from the hills.

Aboriginal Dreamtime How The Kangaroos Got Their Tails Short Story

This book is based on a story told by george mung.

How the kangaroos got their tails. Buy a discounted paperback of how the kangaroos got their tails online from australia s leading online bookstore. He went and broke one off a red bloodwood tree. Big kangaroos have red bloodwood tree for tails and short armed kangaroos have white gum sticks for tails.

Kangaroos do not have bouncy tails. Eab530 assessment task 2 based on the childrens book how the kangaroos got their tails. Maha cartoon tv english recommended for you 5 59.

He went ver to the white gum tree and broke off a big stick. Booktopia has how the kangaroos got their tails an aboriginal story by pamela lofts. They may appear bouncy when the kangaroo is bounding along at high speed but this is an illusion.

Kangaroos and the monkeys panchatantra moral story english cartoon maha cartoon tv english duration. How the kangaroos got their tails is based on a story told by george mung mung lirrmiyarri of the kija people to aboriginal people living in warmun western australia. How the kangaroos got their tails a long long time ago two kangaroos lived in the country now known as australia.

You may also like to read how the rabbit lost its tail. The short armed kangaroo thought he d better get a stick too. Read 2 reviews from the world s largest community for readers.

The kangaroos get their tails when they fight over the honey the big kangaroo thinking he has been tricked into digging for spiders instead so they throw sticks at each other and they become their tails. One day the grey kangaroo really wanted to eat some wild bush honey so he followed a swarm of bees to their hive in the hole of a rock. They hit each other over the head with those sticks until the big kangaroo ran away.

Their tails are heavy and muscular. How the kangaroos got their tails book. The illustrations are adapted from their original paintings of the story.