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This will keep tear gas and pepper spray out of your eyes block projectiles and rubber bullets and minimize your exposure to pathogens in the air. Soaking a bandana or cloth in apple cider vinegar and tightly covering your mouth with it.

George Floyd Protests Everything To Know About Tear Gas Pepper Spray

The best defense against tear gas is a gas mask but if you don t have a mask there are still steps you can take to minimize damage from tear gas.

How to avoid tear gas. Then take a cold shower for at least 20 minutes this will prevent tear gas from irritating your skin any further. The tear gas cans are too hot to hold with bare hands. The thick gloves used by construction workers are good to throw the tear gas cans back to the basiji goons.

If you think you might encounter tear gas you can soak a bandana or paper towel in lemon juiceor cider vinegar and store it in a plastic baggie. You might have to shower a couple of times before you stop smelling of tear gas. Leave the area find a well ventilated location and avoid touching your face according to the cdc the primary way your body will be exposed to the tear gas is most likely by inhaling it.

Rinse your clothing and body with cold water. Fresh air will help blow excess tear gas powder off of you and will prevent it from blowing back into your mouth or eyes. Smearing lime or lemon juice on the inside of a cloth and tightly covering your mouth with it.

Keep a jumbo bandanna and a small plastic bottle of vinegar handy. How to defeat tear gas in a riot. If police shoot tear gas in your direction hold your breath if you can.

So you can wet your mask with lemon juice or vinegar and it will decrease the effect of tear gas. Have a pair of tight fitting swim goggles with you they re fast and easy to put on and will protect your eyes from the gas. If you want to get away from the cloud since removing yourself from danger is generally the first step of any emergency.

While rinsing your eyes from the inner to the outer corner avoid allowing the contaminated water to run onto your skin or clothes. How to handle tear gas canisters. To protect your face cover your nose and mouth.

The acid contained in the vinegar does not provide enough if any protection to counter the effects of tear gas. Soak the bandanna in vinegar before putting it over your nose and. Rinse your eyes with cold water.