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Curing and storing meat at home cure and store your own meats the old fashioned way at home with these tips and recipes from a seasoned farmer. The easiest way to preserve your meat is taking a whole muscle cut make a salt and spice rub and cover it with the rub and put it in the fridge for a few days.

Home Curing 101 Create Delicious Cured Meats At Home Breaking

Sugar is not a required ingredient for making cured meat.

How to cure meat at home. How to dry cure meat at home. I got a vacuum pack bag from my butcher. Put the pork into a sealable bag.

However you will want to use it for flavor. It acts to cut the harsh flavor of the salt. Wet brining is great for ham or other smoking recipes.

Using the salt box method or equilibrium cure from the rulman books they use the term salt box you ll want to use. Place your meat in a brining bag. This way you don t have to use nitrates or any special ingredients.

Try wet curing your christmas ham. The piece of pork i had was 1 7kg so i mixed 85g of my herby salt with 42g of soft brown sugar and a. A plate can be used as a weight to keep the meat immersed in your brine.

Process of dry curing at home 1. First rub the meat with 1 3 of the tender quick then in 2 or 3 hours rub on the. Accurately calculate the required pink curing salt i think this is a step in itself because using sodium nitrates and.

Tender quick per 100 lbs. To cure inject the brine solution into the meat using a meat pump or soak the meat over a period of time. Directions for dry curefor the dry cure use tender quick at the rate of 6 lbs.

Mix up your brine cure. Making a simple brine and then adding the nitrites in the curing salt which will cure the. Choose your piece of meat.

Push as much. Table salt or sodium chloride draws the water out of the meat. It also draws water out of and kills microorganisms in the meat.

If you choose to soak be sure to fully submerge the meat. Mix together cure. Rub the cure on both sides of the belly and tip the rest in.

Recipe for a 1 7kg pork belly make the cure.