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Cut the fabric into a square of an estimate 3 feet by 3 feet. Paraguard training 472 137 views.

Triangular Bandages

Triangular bandages are used to form slings support fractured limbs hold dressings onto wounds control bleeding and more.

How to do a triangular bandage. Any sturdy fabric can be used for a triangle bandage such as an old bedsheet. It is preferred to use a long stretch of fabric to create more triangular bandages for future use. Making your own triangular bandage choose your fabric.

How to tie a triangular bandage or sling duration. Bring the top end of the bandage around the back of the neck. The best sleeping position for back pain neck pain and sciatica.

You now have two triangle bandages measuring 40x40x56 inches. In fact the triangular bandage is one of the most versatile bandages. Once cut cut the square in half along the diagonal axis to make two triangles.

One end of the triangle should be brought over the uninjured shoulder then carried behind the neck until the end is hanging in the front of the body on the injured side. To make a sling cut a piece of cloth such as a pillowcase about 40 inches square. We are always harping on macgyvering or using something for a reason other than its intended purpose.

Then cut or fold the square diagonally to make a triangle. Stretch out the piece of fabric that will be used. In order to create a sling the bandage can be draped down the front of the body.

Put the bandage under the arm and around the back of the neck put the other half of the bandage over the arm to meet at the shoulder and tie into a knot tuck the loose ends of the bandage in at the elbow or use a pin. Fold the lower end of the bandage up over the forearm to meet the top of the bandage at the shoulder of the injured side. The point of the triangle should be underneath the elbow of the injured arm.

50 uses of a triangular bandage. An arm sling is the most popular use for a triangular bandage. Cut the fabric into a square of 40 40 inches cut the square in half.

We re not saying that these are all. Gently slide the triangular bandage underneath the arm. Here are just a few neat ways to do that with a simple triangular bandage or neckerchief for that matter.