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Now there are 2 ways in which this can be done both of which indirectly involve chickens. Lye is a naturally occurring substance and while it s the scary part of soap making there s no way of making soap without it.

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Set the vessel usually an iron kettle containing the lye in a sunny place and to each gallon of lye add one pound of clear clean grease tallow lard strong butter or the like and stir thoroughly repeating the stirring daily until a good soap results.

How to make lye soap the old fashioned way. Lye soap was generally made once a year coinciding with autumn harvest and the killing of hogs in preparation for winter. If you live on a farm and keep chickens then this test is fine for you. Always run your recipe through a lye calculator to be.

How to test the strength of your lye. If not then you can use the second test. The quality of the lye produced depends on how well the plant material was burned.

Measure the lye and water each in separate bowls using a kitchen scale. To make lye and be successful at soap making your lye has to be at the right strength. If you re in a far corner of the globe and can t get lye locally or are just curious how it s made you can make potassium hardwood lye yourself.

Carefully combine the lye and water by pouring the lye into the water never pour the water into the lye and stir liquid until. Our homemade lye soap is made the true old fashioned way with lard lye and water. You can actually make lye yourself by leaching water through ash from a fire but it s also readily available and cheap to buy from the supermarket or hardware store.

Thousands of years ago before soap was available people made their lye the old fashioned way by leaching water through wood ashes layered in a barrel or other container. To make your own lye that you can use to produce a soft soap you leach or drip water through ashes to dissolve the hydroxide salts. Old fashioned soap for all the campers out there many likely have already discovered that by just throwing some white ashes into the hot frying pan the lye from the ashes will combine with the fat or oil in the pan to form a crude soap.

Emergency backup power in the palm of your hand this is an excellent way to wash out that dirty frying pan. Hot process soap method. Ashes are highly concentrated minerals of hydroxides nitrates carbonates sulfites and more.