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That s the base and that is what you need wood. How to use a magnesium fire starter have your tinder and wood ready.

How To Use Magnesium Bars And Fire Starter Ultimate Guide

When adding tinder be careful not to snuff out the flame.

How to use a fire starter. I ve found that the best solution for starting a fire with a ferro rod is to use all three of these tinder types. Here s how to use a magnesium fire starter to start a fire in 7 simple steps. Your fire will be built on something.

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Start by adding small and thin pieces of tinder and then add larger pieces of tinder as the flame becomes larger and. Scrape the magnesium bar. Gather your tinder and kindling and set it aside.

Cool survival hack duration. Using the fire starter to make a fire 1. Strike the flint to create spark.

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Prepare your fire bed preferably in bare soil or on exposed rock. Usually one side of these magnesium bars contains a flint strip. The king of random 9 025 977 views.

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