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Pat the area completely dry with a clean cloth or towel. Use clean water to flush any debris out of the wound.

Butterfly Stitches How And When To Use Plus Removal Instructions

Dress a cut on the palm side of a knuckle with a butterfly shaped bandage.

How to use butterfly bandage on finger. Use cool clean water and gentle unscented soap. Using an hourglass shaped bandage allows you to use your hand normally. Use your fingers to gently push the two.

Cut little triangle notches from the tape as shown in the image. Use cool water to rinse your cut flushing out dirt and debris. The bandage pad is narrow enough to keep enough pressure on the knuckle s underside.

You don t need to put a protective covering over the butterfly bandages since this will secure them. The first step in wound care is cleaning the wound. Fold the piece of tape in half so the sticky side is out.

Avoid stretching the skin. Fold the notches together so the center of the tape isn t sticky. Thus without bunching up when you move your hand.

The wide parts of the bandage spread out over the top of the knuckle to prevent the bandage from sliding. Apply as you. Wash out the wound to get rid of dirt or bacteria.

Gently clean the skin around the cut with soap and water and then dry the area. Placing vertical bandages will hold the 3 butterfly bandages in place. Cut and fold cut a piece of tape ideally about 1 inch thick and about 3 inches long.

The butterfly stitches will stick better on clean dry skin. Apply the bandage accros the width of the cut start on one side apply the bandage press the skin together to seal the cut and then lightly apply the other side of the butterfly bandage to the skin on the other side of the cut.