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The exhibition immerses you in an underwater environment using cinema scale projections artefacts and specimens from his expeditions. Visitors enter the exhibition through a recreation of a mir submersible to encounter a single immersive environment of cinema presentations rare artefacts and specimens from cameron s career as an active explorer and filmmaker.

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James cameron exhibition. Set to open next june in seattle james cameron has made the biggest blockbuster movie of all time and with two sequels already lined up will. Oscar winning director james cameron has made a rare public appearance at the launch of his new exhibition in dunedin on saturday night. The james cameron exhibit was a hell of a lot of fun especially if you re a movie buff visitor via tripadvisor.

About james cameron challenging the deep. He found further critical and commercial success with aliens 1986 the abyss 1989 terminator 2. Visitors enter the exhibition through a recreation of a mir submersible emerging into a sound and light space evoking the mystery of the ocean s barely lit twilight zone.

James francis cameron cc born august 16 1954 is a canadian filmmaker and environmentalist who is best known for making science fiction and epic films for the hollywood mainstream. Discover pandora is a new interactive exhibition inspired by the extraordinary creatures breathtaking environments and inspirational cultures of james cameron s avatar. Cameron s expeditions have been chronicled in his documentaries and now for the first time in a major exhibition james cameron challenging the deep.

From james cameron s groundbreaking film avatar comes an experience for the entire family based on some of the most astounding and fascinating aspects of the alien moon pandora. Cameron first gained recognition for directing the terminator 1984. In march 2012 he completed the first solo dive to challenger deep the deepest part of the mariana trench where he spent over three hours exploring the ocean floor in his deepsea challenger submersible which was built in sydney.

Cameron known as the director of hollywood blockbusters such as titanic and avatar. The exhibition james cameron challenging the deep is set to open at the dunedin museum next month. James cameron announces avatar.

Director james cameron will premiere an exhibit on his undersea adventures in sydney. The deep sea exhibition titled challenging the deep tells.