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If sex isn t real there s no same sex. Jk rowling recently drew fire on social media for tweeting the statements to the effect that biological sex is real the tweets began when she mocked an opinion piece that used the term people who menstruate in place of women to account for the fact that transgender men also menstruate and prefer not to be described as women.

J K Rowling Responds To Ex Fan Who Burned Her Books

Rowling in hot waters once again after transphobic remarks the harry potter author has become somewh at of a contro versy magnet on social media in recent years by reuters.

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Rowling back in the hot seat by madeleine kearns j k. Rowling author of the harry potter series suggested that only women menstruate and then when prompted clarified that she wasn t fully on board the trans train. It s amazing what passes for news these days.

Rowling faced another wave of backlash on saturday after warned about erasing the concept of sex just the latest for the feminst author who has chided liberal activists. I respect every trans person s right to live any way that feels authentic and comfortable. The hot milf who wrote the harry potter books.

Hot and sexy jk rowling s wardrobe malfunction photo author jk rowling suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during a public reading of her final harry potter installment in hollywood. Rowling at the european premiere of fantastic beasts and where to find them in london england in 2016. A sexy slide show photo gallery tribute to the hottest and most amazingly brilliant author of all time jk rowling.

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