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And 4 oz was caught in the gulf of mexico off the lousiana coast by doc kennedy in 1996 according to the international game fish association. Of fisheries western australia on the 1 st of september 2007 bruce olsen went fishing about 10 miles off bunbury and hooked into a big snapper.

Cubera Snapper Is The Biggest In Florida And A Favorite To Catch

The world record for red snapper weighing 50 lbs.

Largest snapper ever caught. A world record turtle bigger than anything coyote peterson has. Top 5 biggest lobsters ever caught. Worlds largest alligator snapping turtle ready to attack.

At 95 2 pounds lee windham s cubera snapper would shatter the alabama state record of 52 pounds held since 1988 by grand bay s michael crawley by more than 43 pounds. The average weight for a. Pulled from a school of monster spencer gulf snapper the mayhem of this 4 way hookup has to be.

He got it up on deck it measured 94 cm and about 10 kg. He earned himself a title. 10 giant world record groupers.

10 100 pound broomtail grouper. Joey beaver reeled in more than just a big catch when he caught a 38 75 pound red snapper in the gulf of mexico last month. 29 1998 ernesto jouvin landed the biggest broomtail grouper ever caught and certified as an igfa.

Biggest soft plastic snapper ever filmed. Oldest snapper ever caught by jeff norriss finfish research dept. 9 109 pound mottled grouper.

Caught by a noodling 6 6 dude who almost loses his arm in a deadly fight. Biggest kayak red snapper ever caught igfa all tackle length record youtube. Winga and gawaine head to arno bay and fish with fuzzell and they experience the most insane triple hook up of mega snapper ever filmed.

Feel the excitement when my girlfriend kelli see s this giant red snapper hit the surface on our trip to navarre. A potential world record snapper of 44lb or 20kg caught by stuart sluggett while fishing at arno bay. 8 113 pound gulf grouper.

A lobster grows to a weight of one pound after seven years in cold water and gains an additional pound every three years thereafter. 7 121 pound mustache grouper.