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Live on the edge idiomatic to have an adventurous or perilous lifestyle. Click here for the second meaning and lots of sentence examples as well.

How To Live On The Edge And Really Live Alan Tek

Also in a state of keen excitement as from danger or risk.

Live on the edge. On the edge of. To behave in a manner which creates risks for oneself. To behave in a man.

The first is to be very poor. For example when the stock market crashed their whole future was on the edge or skydivers obviously must enjoy living on the edge. The idiom live on the edge has two meanings.

Live on the edge teams up with the ultra trail snowdonia. Idiomatic to have an adventurous or perilous lifestyle. Verb third person singular simple present lives on the edge present participle living on the edge simple past and past participle lived on the edge 1.

Written on march 28 2018. Idiomatic to be caught in an economic or societal situation which one did not choose which threatens one s. In a precarious position.