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We offer live crickets for sale as well as dubia roaches mealworms wax worms nightcrawlers and now even lizards all at the lowest possible prices. We have thousands of reptile supplies and live food options to choose from.

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So is paying multiple shipping charges dealing with multiple shipping carriers and paying inflated pet store prices.

Live reptile food. Let nature box pet emporium give you all the expert advice you need when purchasing the best live rodent food for your reptile. They are nutritious enough to be fed. Using our state of the art growing processes we provide a complete and high quality product line of feeder insects and dry goods to our retail breeder zoo and hobbyist.

Timberline is the industry s leading supplier of live pet food including our proprietary vita bugs and calciworms products. Live fresh food for reptiles and amphibians. Our brown crickets are an excellent choice as reptile livefood.

Reptile supply is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality live food and supplies for your reptiles amphibians inverts and more. Live insects feeders purchasing feeders from multiple companies is frustrating. Our reptile and amphibian feeder insects and lizards include a guarantee of live arrival.

Then we looked at the entire picture and decided that there should be a quality live food company on the web that could remain competitive while meeting your needs. These crickets are sourced from ethically bred farms and have a completely organic diet from birth to. Plus the feeders are delivered right to your doorstep.

So we developed a convenient site that is both functional and appealing including the selection needed to nourish almost any reptile or amphibian. These locust are an integral part of many reptiles. You can be assured of the highest quality nutrition because our live feeders are fed a diet scientifically developed to produce the best growth and development possible.