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Braveheart 1995 mel gibson launches into the historical genre with one of the greatest demonstrations of epic cinema in history. Some movies like the lord of the rings.

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Movies similar to lord of the rings. The biggest comparison that can be made between the two is that they are both fantasies. They both also have fantastical creatures like trolls and dragons although dragons are only mentioned and not seen in the lord of the rings. However the trilogy is the closest thing to the lord of the rings trilogy set in the same place featuring the same myths and some of the same characters and it is the best substitute for fans who miss the trilogy.

Movies like about time. Tales from earthsea 2006 fire and ice 1983 princess mononoke 1997 the black cauldron 1985 beowulf 2007. Beowulf is yet another movie that is mildly similar to the lord of the rings.

The lion the witch and the wardrobe 2005 never ending story 1984 alexander 2004 dark crystal 1982 kingdom of heaven. Chronicles of narnia 2005 2008 2010. And similar to lotr 1939 s the wizard of oz has aged like a fine wine with its lavish visuals and.

Movies similar to the lord of the rings series 1. Much like our previous entry victor fleming s iconic musical fantasy wasn t just entertaining but pushed boundaries and revolutionized the entire filmmaking scene.