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Its glacially carved walls reach as high as 4 000 feet and after heavy rain hundreds of waterfalls cascade down their sides. New zealand enjoys varied landscape and dramatic geographical features from cascading glaciers to active volcanoes from placid lakes to vast mountain ranges.

14 Reasons Everyone Should Visit New Zealand At Least Once

This amazing geography has made new zealand a popular location for tourists as well as the production of television programmes and films including the lord of the rings trilogy and the hobbit trilogy.

New zealand landscape. Fifteen of these gigantic moving chunks of crust make up the earth s surface. New zealand is a land of immense and diverse landscape. Volcanoes geothermal springs alpine lakes snowy mountains limestone caves fjords sounds forests islands beaches it s fair to say that new zealand s geographical features are some of the most diverse in the world.

Our change of name reflects the professional standards of work undertaken by our members. You ll see things here that you won t see anywhere else in the world. New zealand sits on two tectonic plates the pacific and the australian.

Nz landscape and garden supplies. Wide range of products for both the diy landscaper and their trades people to choose from making their company. New zealand also has a unique array of vegetation and animal life much of which developed during the country s prolonged isolation.

New zealand is the sixth largest island country in the world with a land size of 267 710 km 2 103 360 sq mi. By national geographic staff. The country s striking landscapes that have enticed filmmakers and nature lovers alike to cherish its unspoiled horizons.

The north island and some parts of the south island sit on the australian plate while the rest of the south island sits on the pacific. New zealand is a land of great contrasts and diversity. Previously known as landscaping new zealand lianz registered master landscapers has officially represented the new zealand landscaping industry since 1985 with a mission to promote professionalism and quality trade practice.

The southwestern corner of new zealand s south island is dominated by the enormous fiordland national park a dramatic landscape of fiords with narrow fingers of sea cutting inland flanked by cliffs thousands of feet high milford sound is the most majestic of these fiords. Active volcanoes spectacular caves deep glacier lakes verdant valleys dazzling fjords long sandy beaches and the spectacular snowcapped peaks of the southern alps on the south island all contribute to new zealand s scenic beauty. New zealand s terrain ranges from the fiord like sounds of the southwest to the sandy beaches of the far north.

19 epic landscapes in new zealand this island nation has an incredible diversity of landscapes seascapes and all that s in between.