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Dig the spoon under the lid and use the spoon to pry the lid upwards. Use one hand to hold it firmly in place while you work the spoon with your other.

Can Do 8 Ways To Open Cans Without A Can Opener American

So in a zombie apocalypse i m trying to survive and i found the can.

Open can no can opener. I restored this rusty 1 can opener to find out it s worth much more duration. Grip the bowl i e. You know you can find concrete anywhere on a street right.

Caption authors russian. Let s check it out. If you have a little time and a spoon try this method.

Using a spoon 1. Either way there s actually a way to open a metal can without a can opener. Here s how to do it.

And i m really starving and i have nothing to open with no tools what so ever but i have a lot of concrete. If you need to get into the can a little more quickly and or are feeling relatively secure with your. Be careful not to touch the edge of the lid with your finger as it will be very sharp.

Yeah without no can opener or any kind of tools. Instructions for opening a can without a can opener. Heel of a kitchen knife.

Use a towel to protect your hand and dispose of the lid. Place the can on a stable surface. Cut lid off with knife.

Don t have any tools to open a can no problem just use concrete. Place the tip of the spoon on the inner edge of the top of the can. Slide the can back and forth across your hard rough surface until moisture begins seeping from the can.

No knives no nothing just hands and a piece of concrete. Not the handle of a sturdy. And that s by using a metal spoon.

On a stable surface like your kitchen counter use one hand to hold the can in place and the other to hold the spoon. Rub the tip of the spoon back and. The lid of the can will have a small raised lip that.

4 4 out of 5 stars 232. You ve accomplished the impossible you ve opened a can without a can opener. Can opener no trouble lid lift magnet manual can openers smooth edge japanese stainless steel sharp blade safe cover for beer tin bottle big turning knob soft handle good for seniors with arthritis.

How to open a can without a can opener spoon method. According to our friends at southern living using a metal spoon is the best and safest way to open a can without a can opener. Like you know the meat.

This is the easiest method of opening a can without a can opener. If you don t have a pointy knife it will be hard to use the method above. Get it as soon as fri jul 24.

Find a large flat rock or a concrete slab the rougher the surface the easier it will be to open the can place the can on the flat surface upside down if preferred. Or you might just have a broken can opener and a can that need opening. Position the tip of a spoon against the inner edge of the lid.

How to open a can without a can opener 7 methods method 1.