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We ve grown from our humble origins in vanilla into a modern baking brand that offers a range of icings sprinkles decorations and a vanilla for every occasion. We ll tell you plus share with you our favorite vanilla paste recipes.

Organic Vanilla Bean Paste

This shouldn t sound remarkable but it actually is because even finding a vanilla bean in san francisco in 1967 took some effort.

Queen vanilla paste. I was already 24 years old. Organic vanilla paste 320g. In 1967 i saw my first vanilla bean.

The queen s former chef darren mcgrady said her majesty is a big fan of summer pudding a classic british dessert made with bread and fresh berries. Our smooth rich and flavorful vanilla paste contains triple strength extract blended with freshly ground vanilla beans and xanthan gum. Our little bottles of vanilla food colours and essences have been in aussie pantries for over 120 years.

Buy in bulk here or in small volume from vanilla enchantment. I had a friend who had lived in italy and traveled a great deal in europe. Queen vanilla is what baking memories are made of.

The self sealing tube means no loss of aroma or flavour. Made from pure vanilla beans our natural vanilla concentrated extract means only half a teaspoon is needed in place of a whole teaspoon of regular queen vanilla extract. Made with the finest organic vanilla beans queen organic vanilla bean paste with seeds delivers a strong pure vanilla flavour which can be stirred in with no infusion time.

Strong concentrated and aromatic with beautiful vanilla bean seeds suspended throughout use queen organic vanilla bean paste for a superior flavour. Mcgrady shared a tutorial on how to make the. Made with certified organic vanilla beans it has been more than ten years since queen created vanilla bean paste and launched it to the world.

Vanilla is rain forest friendly grown organically and is sustainable. Strong concentrated and aromatic with beautiful vanilla bean seeds suspended throughout use queen organic vanilla bean paste in place of a vanilla bean pod or vanilla extract for a superior flavour. There is no sugar or additional additives.

Read the queen vanilla story. Discover the full range of queen vanilla products. Queen is committed to fair ethical and sustainable sourcing of vanilla and is halal certified.

Thicker in texture and giving an intense vanilla flavour and aroma this extract is ideal for baking and desserts. At queen we pride ourselves on our commitment and passion for creating the highest quality products. See more in the vanilla queen s blog get recipes and news learn about vanilla and more patricia rain also known as the vanilla queen is an author educator culinary historian and owner of the vanilla company a socially conscious business dedicated to the promotion of pure natural vanilla and the support of vanilla farmers worldwide.