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The mekong which is also the 12th longest river in the world is known to be a major water source for drinking fishing and agricultural needs for millions of people. Included are all rivers over 1 000 km 620 mi that are in asia.

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China s yangtze is the longest river in asia and the fourth longest in the world at 3 915 miles 6 301 km.

Rivers in southeast asia. The yangtze drains one fifth of the land area of the people s republic of china and its river basin is home to one third of china s population. Included are all rivers over 1 000 km 620 mi that are in asia. As it passes through china burma laos thailand cambodia and vietnam the mekong river bursts with color and life.

The mekong river is probably the best of all of the river systems in southeast asia. The mekong region is the main focus of international rivers work in southeast asia. It originates from the eastern highlands of the tibetan plateau then flows through the three parallel rivers heritage site in china before becoming the salween in thailand and myanmar and finally emptying into the andaman sea irn 2013.

Laos is a country in southeast asia. Salween river the salween is one of the longest free flowing rivers of southeast asia wwf n d. Asked in asia bodies of water lakes and rivers what are.

These regions generally are covered with alluvial sediments that support much of the mainland s cultivation and in turn most of its population centres. The most known river in southeast asia is the mekong river spanning five countries in the region itself. From rivulets to regionwide river channels the southeast asian region hosts dozens of rivers.

The river begins 17 000 feet above sea level on the guosongmucha mountain. Brahmaputra china tibet india assam bangladesh bay of bengal. The broad river valleys between the uplands and the even wider deltas at the southernmost points contain most of the mainland s lowland areas.

Bhima river maharastra india. Being that it is almost three thousand miles long there really is a whole lot to see. Buriganga river bangladesh.

Büyük menderes maeander turkey. This is a list of longest rivers of asia. Major rivers in laos include banghiang river nam xan river ma river hueang river and kong river.

At this point it is simply a tiny stream.