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It hacked and slashed its way through the first three and a half centuries of the eternal. The series combined input from historians and cgi to present the history of ancient rome.

Rome The World S First Superpower Tv Guide From Radiotimes

He has spent years learning the italian language while studying the history and culture of rome and now brings this ancient world alive with his passion a wealth of fascinating detail and colourful cgi the history of rome is a 1 000 year long epic filled with murder ambition betrayal and greed and encompassing such legendary characters as romeʼs iron age founders romulus and remus and its greatest general julius caesar larry is accompanied by some of europe and americaʼs foremost.

Rome the world s first superpower. Larry looks at rome s 300th birthday in 400bc conquering it s nearest neighbours the estrucans. The world s first superpower is a 2014 channel 5 television series in 4 episodes narrated by larry lamb about the roman empire first broadcast in october 2014. The world s first superpower follows award winning actor larry lamb as he tells the story of rome 3 000.

Larry looks at the attack rome came under from the gauls in the battle of allia that lasted three years. An ambitious four part series rome. The city survived but only just and the leaders vowed to never come so close to destruction again.

The world s first superpower tells the thousand year story of how an empire was built on murder ambition betrayal and greed. The world s first superpower episodes. The world s first superpower.

Shot on location in rome pompeii sicily france and tunisia it combines eye catching graphics with archaeological evidence and testimony from europe s foremost classical experts. The world s first superpower. The united states became the first true global superpower in the aftermath of world war ii.

So it was with the opener to channel 5 s new three part series rome. In this four part series classicist and historian professor mary beard draws on her immense scholarship unique.