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This command sets the time of the day in the current game world. Night go by in less than a minute and days are slowers.

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On the xbox enter the pause screen and simultaneously press the lb rb x and y keys.

Set time of day ark. Jump to navigation jump to search. Must run on server. For those who hate night its a pretty great setup.

Must run on client. The syntax for this ark command is as follows. Just change the day to 0 5 and the nights to 50 0 in the setting section.

Hour minute second the time given as hours minutes and optionally hours minutes seconds e g. Should run on server. Information about the ark settimeofday command including command parameters example commands and how to use the settimeofday command in the game.

From ark modding wiki. Inputs pin reference type description. The ark command for settimeofday along with example console commands.

Should run on client. Set the time of day on the server. To use the console command open the console by pressing the tab key on pc.