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The white queen 11 best historical tv shows like vikings. Adapted from philippa gregory s the cousin s war book series this riveting drama replays the war of the roses the family feud from the perspective of the women who are players in the game of keeping the english throne.

15 Addictive Shows Like Game Of Thrones To Watch Now

Streaming services like netflix amazon prime and hulu among others boast a reliable library of vikings adjacent series.

Shows similar to vikings. With just the right mix of violence humor nudity and heart game of thrones has cemented its place as one of the best shows like vikings. Of all the shows on this list the last kingdom is going to be most like vikings and should be your first. Movies and tv shows like vikings if you like vikings you are looking for exciting atmospheric and captivating movies or tv shows about with warrior vikings battles norse mythology legends and myths heroic and historical character themes of action adventure and drama genre shot in ireland or canada.

Its first season premiered in 2018 and the second season was released last month but it is still unclear whether or not there will be a third season. The show portrays a story where roman rules are timely challenged by these barbarians people and hence they became popular for their rebel nature. Britannia is one of the more recent tv shows on this list.

It doesn t happen very often but every season of this show feels like a 10 hour long action movie instead of a tv show. The ironborn clan is even depicted as a northern seafaring tribe much like the vikings of old and the show s wrought with the same sort of political rivalries and medieval battles that are reminiscent of vikings. Carnival film television limited 2018.

For reference all of vikings current seasons are streaming on amazon. 7 shows like vikings that you should watch if you like vikings one of tv s most surprising hits is vikings history channel s historical drama about the marauders of the 8th and 9th centuries who. This tv show series includes many features such as snowy mountains dark dungeons beautiful scenes amazing landscapes shocking betrayals heart squeezing deaths and many more things.

The list of shows like vikings would not be completed without the games of thrones. Netflix the last kingdom photo. Nevertheless the show is definitely worth a watch if you loved vikings.

Barbarians rising is an example of such shows like vikings where apart from the historical facts fictional liberty is also taken and modern aspects are also mixed.