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The spartan people or the lacedaemonians as they would also be known divided their social structure into three basic classes. The spartan social structure had three classes with the full citizens the spartiates proper sitting atop the food chain.

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Spartan political system was a combination of monarchy kings oligarchy gerousia and democracy ephoroi ephors.

Spartan social structure. In their social system the division of people in classes was totally dependent on their physical strength and no one by birth belonged to any particular class. A shepherd holding a sheep beneath his cloak c. 6 th century bc.

Spartiates homoioi 5 7 cc image by. Oligarchy sparta always had two kings the state was ruled by two hereditary kings of the agiad and eurypontid families probably the two gens had great merits in the conquest of laconia. The society of ancient sparta was divided into three main classes.

These men were recruited from. Bronze figurine of a cloaked helmeted spartan warrior c. As far as the social hierarchy was concerned spartans followed a very unusual system.

A spartan was able to take the glory of greece upto the pinnacle through war. The following given information will explain more about the social hierarchy of the spartans. King was succeeded by his the first born son after he came to power.

At the top of society were spartiate. Even though the spartiates were the upper class compared to athens the gap between upper middle and lower classes was much less defined the spartans while owners of slaves and aware of classes put much less emphasis on living up the high life. 5th century this is a bronze figurine of a banqueter relaxing during a feast.

However they struck their name in golden letters as a warrier race. The highest of this class was of course the full citizens the spartans who maintained the control over the state. Full citizens of sparta ownership of a public land plot kleros birth descendant of herakles membership of a syssition successful completion of the agoge.

Government and classes sparta had a highly unusual system of government. The spartiates proper the full citizens of sparta. Following the spartiate were the perioeci and at the bottom were the helots.

Two kings ruled the city but a 28 member council of elders limited their powers. It dates from around 530 500 bc. Of course the people of sparta could not pay attention towards literature art architecture song music and other finer aspects of culture.