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An 18 8 ounce campbell s chunky soup can fits perfectly inside an 18 5 ounce progresso soup can. Fill the space between the gallon and half gallon can with perlite or dry wood ashes for insulation.

Rocket Stove Build One With A 10 Can And Some Scraps

Make an air inlet on the sidewall toward the bottom of can.

Soup can wood stove. Place the cooker on something that won t ignite and shelter it from the wind. 2 prep the parts. Use the hacksaw to cut each can down to 1 inches in height and use the file to deburr the edges.

Use the can opener to push both flaps of metal out of the bottom of the can and bend them into feet that the stove can stand on. Do this 3 more times making them evenly spaced from each other. Fill the can with sticks laid parallel to the ground in alternating rows like a grid.

Live simple live free tinyhouse prepper 3 187 252 views. The stove in this video is an excellent little wood stove that burns fuel cleanly and unlike diy alcohol stoves can burn for long periods of time without needing to be extinguished to refuel. Soup can trail stove wood powered by survivorgear in outside fire.

Diy brick rocket stove cooking without electrical power duration. The stove will also burn charcoal pine cones bits of cane etc. Soup can trail stove wood powered hello readers welcome to my first instructable where i will show you how to create a wood burning soup can stove.

Bring the wood to near the top burner holes but do not cover them. To varying degrees of success. Build a simple camp stove with recycled soup cans 1 get soup tools.

Push the soup can minus its top and bottom through the holes in the nested cans. Punch a hole in the bottom of the can right next to the air inlet you just made.