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Http bit ly uebs massive battles buy ultimate epic battle simulator. Rome the biggest empire at the time its military was 2nd to non but defeated sparta when the city state was at its weakest.

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The romans army was the first professional army it was a career rather than a duty to defend rome.

Spartans vs romans. Masters of drill and formations a soldier in the roman army would put as much effort into his drill training as he. Legionaries had to be roman citizens under the age of 45. Sparta was the most feared city state in the known world to the point even alexander refused to attempt to conquer them.

Nabis however seeing that the situation was hopeless agreed to surrender the city to the romans. More ultimate epic battle simulator massive battles gameplay here. The romans attacked sparta when the parley ended but the spartans withstood the initial allied assaults.

The history of sparta describes the destiny of the ancient dorian greek state known as sparta from its beginning in the legendary period to its incorporation into the achaean league under the late roman republic as allied state in 146 bc a period of roughly 1000 years since the dorians were not the first to settle the valley of the eurotas river in the peloponnesus of greece the preceding. Their tactics probably weren t as good or adaptable either. While the spartans has a strange government mixed between aristocracy oligarchy and monarchy the athenians created democracy the anterior of a philosophy that the country should be ruled by.

The spartans were essentially mentally tougher but less coordinated romans with fewer numbers and worse equipment. They managed to defeat the persians simply because of the position they were defending. Main formation type the romans main formation was.

The romans forced nabis to abandon argos and most of the coastal cities of laconia. The roman legionary was a professional heavy infantryman of the roman army after the marian reforms.