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The hainan island is undoubtedly the capital of surfing in china. This makes it attractive for a traveling surfer crowds are still pretty much unheard of.

Riding The Silver Dragon Surfers Tame China S 10 Foot River

Hainan island is undoubtedly the capital of surfing in china.

Surfing in china. Surfing has been growing steadily in china in the 21st century. Surfing is still an incredibly niche sport in china but in this small corner of hainan island s south coast city it is a way of life. The foreign surfing community has been discovering the ocean treasure of china and the country is falling in love with the sport of riding waves.

Winds generally blow from the east swinging more southerly in summer. However china is developing a thriving surfing scene one that is expected to boom in the coming years. The first professional surfing events may be new but the quality of the waves has been in the country ever since.

China surfing info and details for a country with such an extensive coastline it s a little strange that surfing is not more widely taken up. Just a handful of years ago surfing began on the island of hainan aptly named china s hawaii as it lies on almost the same latitude and bears many similarities. The howling offshore winds the pacific swells and the sandy beaches do the rest.

Sanya s surfing community local surf lessons in houhai. When you think of surfing in china if you think of surfing in china at all you may think of hainan island. Off the coast of the south china sea on the island of hainan stands a 1 600 square foot surf facility in an area the chinese government hopes will soon become a major surfing destination.

Abalone farm buddha beach da hua jiao dadonghai bay dao ao bay dapingpo hai ling dao hainan houhai bay kame rock kani rock xincun beach windmill bay moon bay niuling rivermouth bridge riyue wan main left sandalwood shimei bay west beach xing tan wan yab j rihue bay yalong bay yarakawa. About china centred around hong kong surfing in china is only starting to take off. Today wanning attracts hundreds of surf tourists every week.

It s tropical there s a handful of waves ranging from lumpy pointbreaks to punchy. Surfing is just at its very beginning now in china yet with over 9000klms of coastline and beaches china obviously has many surfing possibilities. Surfing in china was just a mirage in the beginning of the 21st century but fortunately everything s changing.

Surf is most consistent during the autumn and winter monsoon but bigger and more tricky during the spring and summer typhoon season. The island complete with its tropical climate swooping beaches and surprisingly hospitable lineups has plenty of potential for fulfilling the government s grandiose dreams of creating a chinese waikiki.