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Tinker island is free to play however some additional items can be purchased for real money or through special offers. I was thinking we could make a thread to gather tips for exploring the winter island.

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Here you ll find all information regarding the game big or small.

Tinker island ice. Become the leader of survivors in this lost paradise. I ve noticed that some of the choices you make exploring will actually net you bonuses and thus could potentially be missed if you take the wrong choice. Learn the art of crafting foraging and exploring but keep in mind there is never an idle moment in the everyday lives of the survivors.

And it is huge. It can be bought for 5000 gems. Take them on an adventure of a lifetime build a base explore mysteries or forage treasures.

You travel to the southern shore of tinker island in order to inspect this new island. Flint ice 1 5k summit is a location that is unlocked after you have fully explored the slope. It is also the highest location in tinker island due to the fact of it being the peak of the mountain in tinker island.

Tips for exploring the winter island. Axel the key hd 40 406 views. Tinker island abyss the end.

Tinker island winter island update ice stage duration. You re cast away on a tropical island. To take a screenshot with your mac command shift 3 and then release all keys to captuer the whole screen or press command shift 4 and press down and drag the mouse over the area you d like to capture.

Fight vicious enemies tame savage beasts kindle romance. The first location is the ice and costs 15 and takes 15 seconds. No wifi on the island.

The sea around it is covered by huge sheets of ice. Buzzsaw is the most powerful plane with overdrives v1 12. Welcome to the tinker island wikia page.

You re on your own. Uncover the terrible secret of tinker island three survivors find themselves shipwrecked and lost not by choice on what is believed to be a deserted tropical island. Ice is a special part.

An island made entirely out of ice and snow.