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Then they have an adventure of their own together before returning home. So together they read the book when my toot is home for a visit and it helps my puddle to understand why my toot keeps leaving and that she will come back.

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The show focuses on the lives of two adventurous pigs toot and puddle.

Toot puddle. Produced by mercury filmworks national geographic kids treehouse originals and noggin originals the series originally aired on noggin in the united states and treehouse tv in canada. The new friend our piglet hero s are as cute and charming as ever making for a gentle bedtime story. In holland toot and puddle have trouble fulfilling a promise when they can t find a blooming tulip field to photograph for their favorite parrot friend at home.

The two live in woodcock pocket with puddle s cousin opal and their parrot friend tulip. The story shows that even though toot leaves to travel he still cares for puddle and that he does come back home. While toot is away on a trip opal and puddle learn to ask permission before using something that doesn t belong to them.

In toot puddle. In each episode the duo learns about a different place or culture. While a bit implausible kids love this story.

During the course of each episode toot visits a new location and communicates to puddle by sending a postcard. Toot puddle learn that spooky things can have logical explanations and they help solve a mystery. Toot goes off on an adventure and puddle must look for his friend using all his knowledge of what toot likes to find him.

Toot puddle is an american canadian children s animated television series based on the book series of the same name by author holly hobbie.