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Note that the video tells you to use two 6 strands of 450 paracord. Grab one of the colors and pull the core the inside strands of the paracord out just a little bit and cut it off so you would have a hollow shell type thing once you hollowed it out you need to slide the other color inside the hollow shell you made then singe the frayed part of the string like in the picture.

Stitched Solomon Bar Bracelet 2 Color

When finished depending on your wrist size the bracelet will unravel into 2 equal lengths of paracord each measuring roughly 5 6 ft.

Two color paracord bracelet. Needle and thread if you just want a single color paracord bracelet then you just need 10 feet of paracord in one color instead of two 5 foot lengths the most popular cord for paracord bracelets is called 550 cord. Throughout this instructable i will show you how to make a 2 color survival bracelet with a buckle. How to make cobra weave solomon bar two color paracord survival bracelet duration.

You may be wondering how this is done. This survival bracelet will have a inner and outer color when made properly here is an example of a two color paracord bracelet with the buckle. It also has the benefit of being less bulky than the cobra.

This paracord bracelet pattern isn t found as often so is great if you want something unique. Bracelets how to make a 2 color paracord bracelet with buckle throughout these paracord bracelet instructions you will learn how to make a paracord bracelet with two colors using the cobra weave which is the most popular paracord bracelet out there today with more people making and buying this particular style of bracelet than any other bracelet. Explore colors paracord all paracord 550 variations 550 100ft hanks 550 nylon paracord 550 mil spec paracord 95 paracord 275 paracord 325 paracord 425 paracord 650 coreless paracord 750 paracord 850 paracord para max cord survival cord micro nano cord shock elastic cord bundles make your own paracord.

Make the herringbone stitched cobra paracord bracelet. Making a two color paracord bracelet is not as hard as you may think. 5 feet 1 5m of paracord in another color 2 1 2 feet 75cm of paracord in whatever color scissors lighter optional.