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Une vague de panique me submergea. To give sb a wave saluer qn d un signe de la main paddy saw mary and gave her a cheery wave.

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The pain came in waves.

Wave in french. The movies featured unprecedented methods of expression such as long tracking shots like the famous. To come in waves venir par vagues the loneliness and grief come in waves. Wave on la mer.

Wave on the riviera. French new wave origins of the movement. Political and medical decisions are often made on a wave of emotion.

Nous l avons salué d un signe de la main. How to say waves in french what s the french word for waves. Vague signe masculine de la main vague onde faire signe de la main saluer de la main.

A wave of the hand gesture un signe de la main with a wave of the hand she turned away. Fille nf on dira la fille ou une fille. Alexandre astruc s manifesto the birth of a new avant garde.

Avec un nom féminin l adjectif s accorde. La douleur venait par vagues. The left bank or rive.

How to say wave in french what s the french word for wave. Mêmes avec les champs électromagnétiques et les vagues. The camera stylo published in.

Refers to person place thing quality etc. Undulation vague nf nom féminin. Here s a list of translations.

A wave of sympathy for her swept the country. Translation of waves in french vagues ondes flots vague onde ondulations houle lames remous waves mer raz de marée same with electromagnetic fields and waves. Gesture if you wave your hand you move it from side to side usually to say hello or goodbye.

We gave him a wave. Here s a list of translations. A wave of panic swept over me.

Learn more in the cambridge english french dictionary. Wave in la mer armani perfume. En général on ajoute un e à l adjectif.

S utilise avec les articles la l devant une voyelle ou un h muet une.