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It s fine to clean up your pet a bit after it has passed. What to do if you find a dead cat if you do sadly find a dead cat whether it has been hit by a car or just laying on the ground there will be a worried owner looking for their pet.

How To Dispose Of A Dead Animal

Options for deceased pet dog or cat.

What do you do if you find a dead cat. If you don t have a yard bury the dog at your friend s house or a secret place like the woods. Move the cat to safety. Cat s eyes usually remain open after death since it requires muscle control to keep them closed.

What do you do when you come across a stray cat who has died. If you find a dead cat anywhere in the uk please ring the cats protection helpline on 03000 12 12 12. This is not a signal that they passed in pain.

A dead cat bounce is a temporary recovery of asset prices from a prolonged decline or a bear market that is followed by the continuation of the downtrend a dead cat bounce is a small short lived. When they die the internal organs and muscles loosen releasing waste. Take the cat to the nearest vet transporting them in a box or old blanket or clothing.

Bury the dog on your property in a plastic bag in a box if you wish at least 2 feet deep. After i came across a dead cat in the street i wasn t about to let cars run over him. To check whether the cat is unconscious try shining a light briefly in the cats eye use the torch on your phone.

The vet will be able to scan the cat for a microchip and contact the owner to let them know if the cat is chipped. Since then i ve been told that cats are supposed to be left in the road you don t need to lift them and even laughed at for taking it to the vets. Like humans upon death cats may expel fecal matter or urine.

Cats protection does not hold a national lost found data base so you need to contact a local group. In this event you can contact cats protection who can direct you to your nearest branch. Call your vet if you have one to make arrangements they may cremate the dog or arrange for pet cemetary burial.

So basically i m now in bed shaken up looking for cat owners to tell me that s what you would do. The pupils may appear larger than usual if the cat has died. What s the vet going to do for a dead cat.

If any of the other cats look sick such as weak skinny or bedraggled and especially if you think the one that died may have had a possibly contagious illness find a rescue group or animal society in your area. If you find a dead cat follow these five steps.