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Redirected from what s the world coming to what s the world coming to. Something you say that means that life is not as pleasant or safe as it was in the past.

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The world to come age to come and heaven on earth are eschatological phrases reflecting the belief that the current world or current age is flawed or cursed and will be replaced in the future by a better world age or paradise.

What has the world come to. The simple reality is that we live in a godless world. Of course i don t mean that there isn t a god or that the true and living god is not active in our world. What s the world come to when everything s going the way of the gun what s the world come to if life is a shadow of what.

How to use what is the world coming to in a sentence. By zak belica lyrics. What is the world coming to definition is used to say that one is shocked or disgusted by something that has happened.

The concept is related to but differs from the concepts of heaven the afterlife and the kingdom of god in that heaven is another place or state generally seen as above the world the afterlife is generally an individual s life after death and the kingdom of god coul. The world is coming to exactly what jesus said it would come to and this actually gives us a lot of hope. A rhetorical question that expresses disappointment or disillusionment with the state of the world and its future typically stated upon learning of unpleasant news or witnessing something that one believes is an indication of overall decline.

What s the world coming to. Sin episodes emergence what s the world come to.